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Why use Rootstocks?
Why use Rootstocks?

Rootstocks were first developed to combat the invasion of phylloxera to Vitis vinifera vineyards in the late 19th century. Phylloxera is an insect native to North America, that feeds on and damages the roots of Vitis vinfera grapevines, which can eventually lead to vine death. To solve this problem, North American phylloxera resistant grapevines were used to replace the root system of vulnerable Vinifera cultivars.


Today, aside from phylloxera resistance, rootstocks are also used to adapt to various growing conditions, such as;

  • Nematode resistance

  • Soil type

  • Soil pH

  • Depth of soils

  • Water availability

  • Soil mineral levels

  • Vigor / Soil Fertility

  • Growing season


The most commonly used rootstock in BC are

  • 3309 Couderc; riparia x rupestris

  • 101-14 Millardet & de Grasset (101-14 Mgt); riparia x rupestris

  • Riparia Gloire; riparia

  • SO4 Teleki; riparia x berlandieri


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