Common Cultivars and Clones

Many Vinifiera varieties have many different clones. A clone comes from a cutting taken from a mother plant which has been selected for specific qualities that have resulted from natural mutations. Clones are often selected for distinctiveness in yield, sugar accumulation, harvest dates and wine style to name a few. 

Looking for something different, we can import a number of different clones from various nurseries across the USA and France.

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Vitis Vinifera
Species originating in the Mediterranean region
White Grapes


Chardonnay; 76, 95, 96, 548, 809

Chenin Blanc


Gewurtztraminer; 47, 643


Melon De Bourgogne;

Muscat Ottonel; 59

Ortega - Muller-Thurgau x Siegerrebe

Petite Arvine

Pinot Blanc

Pinot Gris; 52, 53, 457

Pinot Meunier

Riesling; 49, Gm239, 21B,

Sauv blanc; 297, 530



Viognier; 642

Red Grapes

Cab Franc; 214, 327, 623

Cab Sauvignon; 15,169, 191,337, 412

Dornfelder – German origin

Gamay 358, 509, 565, 787

Lemberger; also know as Blaufrankisch

Malbec; 598

Merlot; 181,184, 343, 346, 347

Petit Verdot 400, 1058

Pinot Noir, 82, 114, 115, 386, 667, 777, 828, MF

Roesler – Zweigelt x (Seyve-Villard 18-402 x Blaufrankisch)

Shiraz/Syrah; 7,9, 174, 877


    French - American Hybrids
Crosses of Vitis vinifera with North American species, V. labruscana & V. riparia, V. aestivalis)

Baco Noir – Folle blanche x V. riparia

Cabernet Foch – Cabernet Sauvignon x Marechal Foch

Chambourcin - unknown

Frontenac – Landot 4511 x V. riparia

Frontenac blanc – mutation of Frontenac

Frontenac gris – mutation of Frontenac

Geisenheim 318 – Riesling x Chancellor

GR7 – Buffalo x Baco noir

L’Acadie blanc – Cascade x Seyve-Villard

La Crescent – St. Pepin x Elmer Swenson

Leon Millot – (riparia x rupestris) x Gold Riesling

Louise Swenson – Minnesota hybrid

Lucy Kuhlmann – (riparia x rupestris) x Gold Riesling

Marechal Foch- Mgt 101-14 x rupestris

Marquette – Minnesota hybrid

New York Muscat - Muscat Hamburg x Ontario

Osceola Muscat

Petite Milo - (Cabernet Sauvignon x riparia x amurensis)

Petite Pearl: Minnesota hybrid

Regent -  (Silvaner x Muler-Thurau) x Chambourcin

Seyval blanc – Seibel 5656 x Rayon d’Or

Seyval noir – Rayon d’Or x Seibel 5656

St.Pepin – Seyval blanc x Minnesota 78

Traminette – Gewurztraminer x Joannes Seyve

Vidal – Ugni blanc x Rayon d’Or

Table Grapes

Canadice – Cross of Bath x Himrod

Concord – labrusca

Einset – Fredonia x Canner

Fredonia – Champion x Lucile

Himrod – Ontario x Sultanina

Niagara – labrusca

Reliance – labrusca

Rene Bleu – vineland research center

Seneca – Lignan blanc x Ontario

Sovereign Coronation – Black Patricia x Himrod

Sultanine – Thompson Seedless

Trollhaugen – MN78 x Venus

Vanessa – Seneca x New York 45910