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A clone refers to a vine variety that is selected for specific qualities

Rootstocks are grafted to scion variety to provide a healthy root system able to grow in various growing conditions

Grapevines that are currently available

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Phillips Winery and Vineyard Services Ltd

PWVS offers a wide and ever expanding range of services to help you grow your Vineyard. Whether you are are just starting out, looking for something specific, or trying to expand your selection, we can help. PWVS is a representative for VineTech Canada in British Columbia, a Technical Sales Representative for R & J Oenology in Western Canada as well as a knowledgeable source in the industry.

British Columbia
Vine Sales
Sales Representative for R & J Oenology distributing Oenofrance and Martin Vialatte products
Access to Internationally
Imported Grapevines
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